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The following CEEMI offerings were available in 2016.

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CEEMI Workshop

  • CONNECT people in any group through team-building activities that cater to all ages and aptitudes from early years through corporate executives
  • STIMULATE learning, collaboration and creativity
  • EDUCATE through building skills in the areas of music, performance, creativity and technology
  • REINFORCE learning and existing curricula in the areas of music, art, math, science, and technology through a fun, collaborative group experience
  • ENHANCE concentration, fine motor skills and memory


The CEEMI Workshop is an innovative, fun and engaging way of connecting people of all ages and backgrounds through collaborative music-making. No prior musical experience is required, only a compatible device and an open mind.


Led by CEEMI´s creator, Gil Teixeira, each CEEMI Workshop is custom designed to meet the specific needs of your group (i.e. suited to those with disabilities, elderly, early childhood, teens, or to enhance or reinforce school curricula, etc.) based on details that you provide.

CEEMI Playground

CEEMI Playground is a multimedia installation in constant mutation that explores the audiovisual refuse resulting from the interaction of the visitors with CEEMI. Those who wish to play in CEEMI Playground should bring along a compatible device and someone else, because the installation doesn’t allow solitary interactions. The individual usage itself, even if possible, is discouraged through the constant sending of compositional instructions of “orchestral” nature to all those connected. Each Playground is unique and site-specific as it is a direct product of the interactions of its visitors and all its multimedia content. Audio, video and text is all taylor-made for each exhibit. This installation is perfect for a gallery, museum, library, school, concert hall or any other community space. Running time can range from a few hours to a few months.


List of past exhibits:
SEP 2015 – Bit20, Lydgalleriet, Norway
JUN 2015 – CREATE Festival – Pittsburgh (PA)
NOV 2014 – GNRation, Braga, Portugal
JUL 2014 – Curious Festival, London, UK
JUN 2014 – Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London, UK


Attending a concert is still today mostly a passive experience for audience members, but CEEMI Live is here to change that. This offering is aimed at musical ensembles and composers that would like to incorporate audience participation into their performances and pieces. It’s time to reshape music events to make them fit the interactive world of today!


CEEMI Live is also naturally suited for those that would simply like to enhance their music by exploring the infinite creative dialogue that can be established between conventional instrumentation with the real-time, low cost and cable-free electronic music/multimedia possibilities that CEEMI has to offer.


CEEMI’s Synth will allow you to make decisions regarding instruments, notes, octaves, etc. to be assigned to audience members, and to make changes on the fly.


CEEMI’s Sampler will allow you to assign audio recording tasks to audience members during the concert’s intermission, for example, and then engage them in the performance of a collective soundscape based on those recordings and their creative mutations.


CEEMI’s Mixer will give you real-time control of every aspect of your performance.