CEEMI can be quickly described as the generator of an instant virtual music ensemble that turns any WiFi compatible device – a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop – into a collaborative electronic musical instrument on the fly. It was specially designed for the performance of music by groups of people without prior musical training.

CEEMI was conceived by musician/sound artist Gil Teixeira in 2013 and started being developed as a response to the growing global community of smartphone and tablet users who seem to be perpetually more disconnected in social settings. The vision behind CEEMI is to harness the power of technology and music combined to connect people in real time, in a live setting. It’s not so much about humans interacting with technology, but about technology as a means to human interaction.

the CEEMI team

Gil Teixeira

Musician, sound artist and creative workshop leader, better known as CEEMI's conceptual father and sound designer. He's currently based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Dario Teixeira

CEEMI's computer science ninja, in charge of all matters related to the frontend/backend programming and the custom embedded system on which CEEMI runs.

Ricardo Peixoto

Pixel pusher, designer and musician, at the helm of CEEMI's aesthetics and UI/UX.